The CDC has announced a new, nationwide moratorium on evictions lasting from now until the end of December.

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Worried about rent?

Arizona was in a housing crisis even before the pandemic illuminated the need to put our people over the profit of landlords. Now, hundreds of thousands of Arizonans can't pay rent and may face evictions and homelessness. At a time when landlords are coming together for their shared interests, tenants should have the opportunity to organize and develop their own power.

Much like the tenants at Boyle Heights in East LA, we can beat the landlords that would force families into desperation for a quick buck as well as the system that enables them. We all deserve safe, accessible, and affordable housing, but you can’t preserve or even expand your rights alone. That’s why we’re here: to provide the tools and educational resources that will build on the strength and leadership that already exist within your neighborhood.

If you want to organize your neighborhood and demand your rights, start by filling out the organizing survey below!

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