Eviction Mapping

Worried About Rent (WAR) combats the deep-rooted racial and economic exploitation in the Valley of the Sun, that now manifests as gentrification and displacement, by building solidarity with our neighbors. We believe that everyone deserves a roof over their head regardless of their financial circumstances, and we’re organizing to fight for it.

The purpose of this map is to help you pinpoint the major evictors in your justice court precinct and begin talking to your neighbors about building tenant power together. We want to disintegrate the deep-rooted racial and economic exploitation in Arizona by building a community of care through collective action.

How to use this map:

1. Hover over any precinct on the map and you'll see the name of the precinct, the eviction count, and a percentage of total evictions (the darker the shade of maroon, the higher percentage of total evictions in this precinct).

2. Click on a nearby precinct.

3. Scroll down to see the precinct's eviction count, the "worst offenders" (the evictors with the most evictions) and view links to a county assessor search and their 2020 court case history. You can also view all the cases in the precinct, the entire county's eviction total, and the precinct's case calendar for the week.

Loading eviction data